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Loco servicing cradle


Scale: Suitable for several scales

Loco servicing cradle

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ScaleSuitable for several scales

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Loco servicing cradle

Just as in the real world, it is often necessary to access the underside of locomotives and rolling stock to in order to carry out maintenance. In the real world, this would be achieved by parking the locomotive over an inspection pit, so that maintenance staff can go into the inspection pit and access the locomotive from underneath.

Unfortunately, in the model world we cannot fit into our model inspection pits, but we can lift up a model locomotive and turn it upside down! So far so good, but most locomotives and rolling stock is very unstable when resting on their roof, so some means of securely holding the item on its roof is required. Enter the Peco Loco Servicing Cradle.

This is a foam, u-shaped ‘cushion’ that will not only support your up-turned item of rolling stock, but will protect any fragile bits on the roof from damage. It is suitable for OO gauge and N gauge models.

In the case of use with OO gauge models the item of rolling stock will be a tight fit between the ‘uprights’ of the u-shaped moulding and so care is needed to ease the sides apart slightly to accept the up-turned item of rolling stock.

Sometimes, it is only necessary to have the narrowest part of the model (e.g. a setam locomotive boiler, actually down in the cradle for the item to be held securely. Experience will grow as you use it, but never use force to place the locomotive or other item of rolling stock into the cradle.   

This kit provides a cost-effective way to purchase the essential things that you require in order to service your model railway locomotives and rolling stock and keep them in tip-top working condition.

The kit includes the following Peco products: Peco PL-40 Wheel Brush and Scraper, Peco PL-64 Power-lube liquid lubricant and cleaner, and Peco PL-70 Loco Servicing cradle.

The cradle allows you to securely support your locomotive in an up-turned position, and the wheel brush and scraper will then allow you to apply power to driven wheels, cleaning them as they revolve.

The Power-lube will promote smooth running and more reliable transfer of power to the motor or decoder. Further details of the contents can be found in the separate descriptions of the individual items.