Power-Lube, liquid lubricant and cleaner


Can be used with most plastics, ideal for motors an bearings.

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Specially formulated Electrolube light oil for all model railways, boat, planes and cars.

Fine nozzle for easy application.

Solves pick-up an other electrical problems.

Can be used with most plastics, ideal for motors an bearings.

We all know the benefits to be had from keeping our model railway locomotives and rolling stock lubricated : smooth running, no squeaks, less wear on the gears and bearings, and potentially more reliable pickup of power from the wheels to the motor or decoder in locomotives. In damp environments, oil can provide some protection against corrosion of metal parts.

But not everybody is aware that some oils can harm some types of paints and plastics used in model railways, and can be too heavy for use with the relatively delicate model railway gears and bearings.

This product from Peco is safe on most plastics and has the added advantage that it promotes cleaning of the surfaces it is applied to. Used VERY SPARINGLY on the BACK of locomotive wheels where the pickups rub, (NOT on the wheel treads!) it will help with reliable transfer of power from the wheels.

Ensure that there is NO excess of oil that can be spread on top the track otherwise you will have to thoroughly clean your track!

Also available: WHL653 Hob-E-Lube Ultra Light Oil, WHL661 Hob-E-Lube Premium Ultra Light Oil, 99981 Conductive contact lube, Dapol B807 Low viscosity lubricant.