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N scale Back to Back Gauge 7.65mm

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N Gauge Back to Back Gauge 7.65mm

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N Gauge Back to Back Gauge 7.65mm

Brass back-to-back gauge for modellers using N scale.

- Set to the mid point of standards for universal success using US, EU or UK models.There’s a saying…”the right tool for the right job” and this is very true in the modelling world.

This may explain why there are a vast number of specialist tools available, ensuring that you can find the one that you are looking for to make the job easier, or to achieve a better end result.

One thing that is paramount to achieve reliable running of your model railway locomotives and rolling stock is accurately set back-to-back distances of the wheels.

If your model railway is N gauge running on 9mm track, then this device from DCC Concepts will make it easy to check.


No more squinting at scratched and worn out rulers whilst trying to hold the ruler against the wheels of your models.

Instead just place this device between the wheels and if it is a snug fit then the back-to-back is set correctly! It works for UK, EU and US models, being set to the mid-point of the standard measurement.

Job done! DCDCG-BB145 OO/HO Gauge Back-to-back gauge