Dogfish 24ton Ballast Hopper Wagon kit

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Scale: OO (1/76)

Dogfish 24ton Ballast Hopper Wagon - OO unpainted plastic kit

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ScaleOO (1/76)

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Dogfish 24ton Ballast Hopper Wagon - OO unpainted plastic kit

Require glue, paint, transfers, couplings, wheels (Gibson 12mm & brass bearings) to complete.

There were a large number of these 4 - wheeled hopper wagons which were seen on all regions. Built from 1956 to 1960. The kit includes alternative flared chutes for the Southern Region version (see text below).
PROTOTYPE : Based on the LMS/LNER "Trout" design, and the earlier hoppers built by Leeds Forge for, amongst others, the SECR in 1911. These wagons were the most numerous of ballast hopper designs in the engineers' fleet. Introduced in 1956, the basic design underwent various detail changes, the last Lots had roller bearings & Oleo buffers. The model is based on DB993461, built in 1957 (Lot 2823 Metro-Cammell). It has open-front axleboxes & self-contained buffers and is suitable to be numbered from DB992711 to DB993507. In all, 1249 wagons were built and were abundant on all Regions. SR & LMR stock had 'flared' chutes to allow the ballast to fall clear of the outside 3rd rail. Another variant was for carrying slag ballast, having 9" plates welded to the top edges of the hopper, e.g. DB993160/192/239. Dogfish were worked with other types of hoppers, a train of about 8 Dogfish and 4 Sealion wagons being common. On the Southern Region, some Dogfish were worked with Mermaid side-tippers, and lettered 'MER-DOG'. Surviving Dogfish received the "new" liveries such as Loadhaul and Departmental grey, then EWS maroon. Air-braked wagons were coded HPA, although the time that they survived after the fitting of air brakes cannot have been very cost-effective.

Alan Gibson Wheels compatible : 12mm 3-hole