0.75-2" Deciduous - Tree Armatures - Pack Of 114 View larger

0.75-2" Deciduous - Tree Armatures - Pack Of 114

Woodland scenics

0.75-2in. Tree Armatures

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Trees are an intrinsic part of almost any landscape, unless of course you are modelling a desert scene or the top of a very high mountain. Nature has created trees in many shapes and sizes, and with different coloured trunks and foliage. In the desert, there can be cactus plants rather than trees. Similarly, in the model railway world, there are many and varied model trees to choose from. There are also kits for making your own trees. Whether you choose ready-to-plant trees or you build them yourself, when making your selection, think about where your layout is based – what trees would grow there – and the time of the year your layout portraying. This will help in selecting the correct trees that will enhance the realism of the scene. This pack from Woodland Scenics contains 114 pliable tree trunks to represent deciduous trees. Add foliage from the extensive range available to create unique trees. You will require Hob-e-Tac (code: WWS195), to attach your selected foliage to the tree branches or you could use cheap hairspray.

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