Roto Wheel Cleaner (N Scale)

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Scale: N (1/148 - 1/160)

 Roto Wheel Cleaner cleans all wheels at once and quickly.

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ScaleN (1/148 - 1/160)

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No more tedious wheel cleaning!

Clean locomotives and rolling stock wheels quickly, without scratching. Roto Wheel Cleaner cleans all wheels at once and quickly.

Power from transformer or track, the Wheel Cleaner works with both analog (DC) and digital (DCC) control systems.

N scale Roto Wheel Cleaner will accommodate locomotives up to 6 3/8" (16.1 cm) and rolling stock up to 5" (12.7 cm).

RoHs compliant.


Reliable running of your locomotives requires the transfer of power from the track to the locomotive’s motor, or decoder, to be free from momentary interruptions. To achieve this, both the track and the wheels need to be kept clean.

The easiest way to clean locomotive wheels is to use this ingenious device. Simply place the device on your track, place the locomotive on the device and apply power to turn the locomotive wheels slowly. Alternatively, the supplied connecting lead can be used to connect directly to your power controller or DCC track feed, which allows you to keep the wheel cleaner on your workbench if preferred.

Once the power is applied, the locomotive can be gently held in place with slight downward pressure for greater cleaning effect of the driven wheels, or the loco can be run to either end a couple of times to clean all the wheels. The wheels of unpowered rolling stock can also be cleaned by pushing the coach o wagon from end to end a couple of times.

The cleaning is done gently by the self-adhesive cleaning pads – 2 sets of cleaning pads and 1 set of scrubbing pads are included in the package. When these become soiled, replacements are available, reference number WTT4562. The wheel cleaner will accommodate a locomotive up to about 5” or 13cm in length.