Track Magic (50ml)

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Track Magic (50ml)

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Track Magic (50ml)

Cleans and protects track and contacts for maximum response and reliability.

There are 2 factors that help your locomotives to run reliably, clean track and clean wheels. The locomotive wheels are fitted with pick ups and the power goes from the track into the wheels and then via the pickups to the locomotive’s motor, or, in the case of DCC setups, the locomotive’s decoder.

If there is dirt on the track, the wheels or the pickups, then your locomotive will not run reliably.

This is where Track Magic can help greatly because not only does it thoroughly clean the surfaces it is applied to, it also leaves them with a conductive surface.

Thus it can be used not only on track, but on wheels, locomotive pickup, point blades, and electrical switch contacts. Supplied with this pack is a microbrush to clean wheels, power collectors and points, a pad to apply the cleaner to rail surfaces, a dispensing pipette and a beaker.

It is safe on acrylic and enamel paints, plastics, foam, so will not harm your rolling stock or scenics.

There is 50ml of Track Magic in this pack.