Snap & Glue Set Square (2 Magnetic Clamps w/8 Magnets)


Scale: OO (1/76)

Snap & Glue Set Square (2 Magnetic Clamps w/8 Magnets)

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ScaleOO (1/76)

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A set of paired magnetic squares to help you building your kits.

Simply pull apart, place inside and outside your 90 degree corner and snap into place.

The snap and glue set squares hold the two pieces of plastic in place and allow you to glue them at the right angle without further worry.

Perfect for building kits and wagon kits.

There’s a saying…”the right tool for the right job” and this is very true in the modelling world.

This may explain why there are a vast number of specialist tools available, ensuring that you can find the one that you are looking for to make the job easier, or to achieve a better end result.

This clever device from Proses has been specifically designed to assist in the construction of buildings or wagons where parts are required to be attached to each other at right angles and held until the glue sets.

Simply place one clamp on the inside of the wall at the corner and the other on the outside at the same place.

Strong magnets hold the clamps together and thus perform both tasks of ensuring the parts to be glued are set at right-angles and are held until the bond is made.

There are 2 pair of clamps in the set.

Also available: PROPR-SS-03 Right-angle holders, PROPR-SS-04 Snap &: Glue Adjustable Angle Magnetic Holders