Wire Glue - Conductive paint


Wire Glue - Conductive paint

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Wire Glue is a micro-carbon-based Conductive Glue glue that connects wires together in one simple step, then conducts electricity.

Let it dry for a few hours, then it is good to go.

This is all without any soldering or heating, plus unlike solder, it is lead-free, meaning it is totally safe.

Sometimes it is not possible to connect wires by soldering, usually when there is something other than your fingers in close proximity that would not take kindly to the presence of a hot soldering iron!
For instance, this could be if you are trying to install lighting into a card or plastic building.

One possible solution to such a situation would be to use this conductive glue.

It can be used much like a regular glue, but is applied to the wire and/or contacts that you wish to join.

You will need to prepare the wire/comtacts by scraping clean to a bright finish.

A fibreglass brush could be used to do this (ref.

GM635 2mm Glass fibre pencil)

You will need something to hold the wire in place while the glue cures overnight (‘Blu-tack’ sticky tape etc), and it is recommended to further secure the bond, once you’ve checked it is working, by coating with a layer of superglue.


Wire Glue is ecologically friendly - contains no harmful chemicals or flammable solvents.

Can be used for AC and DC circuits.

The glue can be painted over if required.

Examples of area of use:

- model railway locomotives (broken wires for instance)
- Audio systems
- Radio antennas
- model railway buildings (add lights with no visible wires)
- Christmas tree lights
- Model boat lights
- Headphone cords
- model railway figures (run some glue alongside the figure to bring electricity to a torch or small light)
- small electronics projects
- fix surface mounted components
- etc.



How to use:

- clean the parts to be connected (make sure they are not greasy nor oily).

- stir the glue.

Make sure all the particles at the bottom of the pot are mixed.

If the glue is drying out, you can a few drops of water to the pot.

- apply with a small brush or a cocktail stick.

- wait a few hours (overnight is best) for the glue to cure.

It will not conduct electricity before fully cured.

- protect the connection by coating the bond with superglue or similar.

Product made in the USA.

We import it specifically so you do not have to.

Soldering wires can be a tricky task, especially if you are not experienced at soldering.

Even if you are experienced, using a soldering iron can sometimes be a problem, if there are heat-sensitive objects in close proximity to where you need to place the hot soldering iron! A convenient alternative is to use this conductive glue.

It can be used to glue wires together, or wires to solder pads.

Just make sure that the surfaces as scrupulously clean, support the wires to be joined and leave enough time for the glue to cure, - preferably overnight.