SECR 10ton Van D1426

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Scale: OO (1/76)

SECR 10ton Van D1426 - OO unpainted plastic kit

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ScaleOO (1/76)

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SECR 10ton Van D1426 - OO unpainted plastic kit

Require glue, paint, transfers, couplings, wheels (Gibson 12mm & brass bearings) to complete.

These vans were built between 1919 and 1922, but the SR built a further 100 of D1426 at the end of 1925. They remained in revenue use until the early 1960s, but survived longer than this in Departmental service. Although there is probably no evidence to support it, it would have been useful to have fitted a step on the inside of the drop-down door to make it possible to get into the van from track level (in Departmental use). One, at least, was fitted with small windows either side of the doors when in Departmental use, and may have the step as suggested above. The roof profile was continued in the later SR standard 17' 6" vans, but the drop-down lower door was omitted, the doors being full-height cupboard type. 

Alan Gibson Wheels compatible : 12mm "Open" spoked, 12mm 8 spoked