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Furniture Removals, BR


Scale: N (1/148 - 1/160)

Furniture Removals, BR

Peco Quality Line Wagons. Fully painted, assembled and ready to run.

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ScaleN (1/148 - 1/160)

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If you are looking for N gauge goods wagons, and don’t wishto construct your own, then are plenty of ready-to-run modelsavailable such as this one from the Peco ‘Quality Line’ range.This is a 10ft wheelbase 1-plank wagon complete with a containerof a 1933 design of BK type, presented here in BR FurnitureRemovals guise. The BK container was designed to carry furniture. Ithas a flat panel on the top right of each side where in real life thetrader would affix their self-adhesive label. If you want to build ityourself to create a different variant or save some money,this is also available in unpainted kit form as KNR-20.