Track Laying Tool 381mm (15in) Radius


Scale: N (1/148 - 1/160)

Track Laying Tool 15" N 381mm Radius

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ScaleN (1/148 - 1/160)

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Track Laying Tool 15" N 381mm Radius

Use with flexible track

1. Gently bend the track so that Tracksetta fits between the rail.

2. Place track and Tracksetta in required.

3. Select one sleeper which lies under each of the marked slots marked 1 to 5 and pierce suitable track pins through each slot and sleeper and into the surface onto which the the track is to be fixed.

4. With the five track pins in position lift the Tracksetta from the track.

5. Drive home pins as required.

6. Repeat operations 1 to 5 as necessary.

Where a joint on a curve is required place Tracksetta betweeen the rails so that two slots are on either side of the joint and then carry out operations 3, 4 and 5 above.