Train Shed Unit


Scale: N (1/148 - 1/160)

Train Shed Unit

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ScaleN (1/148 - 1/160)

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Train Shed Unit, ''Manyways''.

Detailed moulded plastic parts in correct colours to build one complete N train set unit 168mm long by 73mm wide and spanning two tracks.

It is large enough to house the longest diesel and electric locomotives or MK III coaches. There are many way in which the kit can be put together to form a shed complex of your choice in which a single unit can be used as a diesel maintenance depot, whislt 8 or 9 kits will provide room for two complete HST trains.

They can be joined end-to-end and side-by-side as required. employ them too as industrial units or factories- there are, in fact, no limits to the many uses this versatile kit can have.