(DL15C) Roket Cyanoac Max 20gm

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(DL15C) Roket Cyanoac Max 20gm

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(DL15C) Roket Cyanoac Max 20gm

This is a thick type of ‘superglue’ that will not run and is viscous enough to fill any gaps that may be present between the surfaces to be joined. It will bond in around 10 to 20 seconds so there is good period of time available for minor adjustments to be made to the positions of the items being joined.

It will bond wood, plastic, metal, card, rubber etc. In summary, this adhesive is useful for slowest bonding time and maximum gap-filling abilities. The bottle contains 20ml.

Also available: DLAD-43 Roket Cyanoac Hot, DLAD-44 Roket Rapid, DLAD-69 Roket Cyano Gel