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Porter 0-4-2 Steamer Clear Lake Lumber Co. 2 with DCC SOUND on Board


Porter 0-4-2 Steamer Clear Lake Lumber Co. #2 with DCC SOUND on Board

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Porter 0-4-2 Steamer Clear Lake Lumber Co. #2 with DCC SOUND on Board

The 0-4-2's larger fuel bunker and trailing truck allowed it to travel longer distances than its "little brother," the Porter 0-4-0. They were put to work on plantation, logging, and construction roads. Bachmann is pleased to reintroduce this popular narrow gauge steam locomotive with many new features, including an NMRA-compliant decoder and Soundtraxx® Tsunami® sound technology so you can enjoy every authentic whistle, bell, chuff, and much more in realistic high-quality 16-bit sound.

Features include:

  • DCC sound-equipped
  • dual-mode NMRA-compliant decoder
  • precision can motor
  • operating LED headlight
  • die-cast boiler and frame
  • completely hidden drive train
  • choice of three stacks included
  • separate metal detail parts, including bell, whistle, and handrail
  • separate Porter Company builder's plate
  • detailed cab interior
  • die-cast finescale drivers
  • metal valve guides
  • E-Z Mate® Mark II couplers

Decoder features include:

  • authentic sound effects uniquely appropriate to each model
  • three whistles to choose from in each model
  • real-time whistle for creating authentic signals
  • high-quality 16-bit digital sound
  • advanced motor control features, including load compensation and silent drive to provide smooth, quiet operation
  • supports all recognized programming methods

This model performs best on 18" radius curves or greater.