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Conductive Loco Wheel Cleaning Brush HO View larger

Conductive Loco Wheel Cleaning Brush HO


Scale: Suitable for several scales

Conductive Loco Wheel Cleaning Brush HO

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ScaleSuitable for several scales

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Conductive Loco Wheel Cleaning Brush HO

There are 2 factors that help your locomotives to run reliably, clean track and clean wheels.

The locomotive wheels are fitted with pick ups and the power goes from the track into the wheels and then via the pickups to the locomotive’s motor, or, in the case of DCC setups, the locomotive’s decoder.  If there is dirt on the track, the wheels or the pickups, then your locomotive will not run reliably.

If you have a locomotive with wheels that have heavy deposits of grime, a more abrasive cleaner will remove this quickly, and for ultimate convenience, it is hard to beat this product fro Trix.

Place the unit on your track and place a loco on top so that the wheels sit on the wire brushes at each side. Hold the loco so that it does not run off the device, and turn up the power in order to get the locomotive wheels turning. Allow the wheels ot rotate a few times against the brushes and the wheel treads and wheel flanges will be rubbed clean.

Even the rear of the wheel flanges will be cleaned, thus promoting more reliable power transfer from the track to the motor or decoder.

For cleaning heavily soiled wheels that are not driven, it can be used much like a scrubbing brush. It is recommended that this unit is only used in cases where the wheels are in extremely poor condition, and even then, minimal use is recommended.

Please note that the track and loco depicted in the picture are not supplied with the unit, and we cannot supply the hand and arm either!

For more gentle cleaning of locomotive wheels, the WTT4561 Roto Wheel Cleaner (OO/HO) offers another convenient solution.