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1.1/2lb fine granite View larger

1.1/2lb fine granite


Scale: Suitable for several scales

1.1/2lb fine granite

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ScaleSuitable for several scales

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1.1/2lb fine granite

Ballasted track is much more realistic than track that is merely fixed to the baseboard of your model railway layout. But it is more than that, it can be used to give your model railway the correct identity. By reference to images of a suitable prototype, you can select the type and colour of ballast to suggest the geographical area where your layout is set – and there is plenty to choose from!

This one is Fine grade and brown in colour. The granules are not all exactly the same colour, making it very realistic. To assist with the task of ballasting your track, there are some very clever devices available from Proses.

Almost every model railway has areas that are outside the railway perimeters. Such areas still need to be covered by something to disguise the baseboard underneath. There are many products under the banner of ‘ground cover’ to help you create a realistic environment for your railway to sit in.

Ground cover can include everything from natural vegetation, areas of water to man-made areas such as roadways, paving, cobblestones, concrete, quarries, bowling greens, crop fields, farmyards, canals,to name but a few.

There are 2 main types of products that you can use to replicate your chosen scene; scatter materials that are sprinkled onto the selected area, and sheet material that is cut to size and fixed down to the selected area.

These granite chippings from the extensive range by Javis, can be used in a quarry area, on roadways and paths, in wagons to represent loads, and track ballast too.

It can be fixed down with WS191 Scenic cement, dilute PVA or even matt varnish.  

Have a look at the PROBS-HO-01 OO/HO scale Ballast Spreader or PROSES PROBS-N-01 Ballast Spreader for placing the ballast, and the PROBS-FIX-01 OO/HO scale Ballast Fixer or PROBS-FIX-03 N scale Ballast Fixer for fixing the ballast in place (very important to prevent it from getting into locomotive mechanism and point blades).

Also available: JXGST ST Extra Fine Granite Chips, JXG112 1 1/2lb Extra Fine Granite, JXG7 7lb Extra Fine Granite Chippings, JFGST Fine Grey Granite Ballast, JFG7 7lb Fine Granite, JS8 Scatter Grey Stone, JS9 Scatter no.9 Black Tarmac, JS16 Scatter Grey Tarmac, JS85 Extra Fine Tarmac Ballast