(DL28) Deluxe - Spray Glue

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(DL28) Deluxe - Spray Glue

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(DL28) Deluxe - Spray Glue

This is a useful adhesive for attaching model foliage to your model tress or scatter materials to your model railway baseboard or diorama. For adding foliage to tress and bushes, spray directly onto the branchs and then dip into a container containing the desired model foliage.

The foliage will stick to the model tree/bush and any excess can be shaken off and reused.

For fixing scatter to the baseboard or diorama, spray the glue onto the surafce before applying the ground cover. The spray is gentle so as to avoid disturbing previously attached foliage or ground cover. It dries tacky and clear with a matt finish. The bottle contains 100ml.