Scale: HO 1:87 (OO gauge compatible)

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ScaleHO 1:87 (OO gauge compatible)

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Fans(6) Three Men Three Women (Painted) by Noch

Set includes:

Three men
Three women

  • One man wearing a t-shirt and fanny pack; he is standing with a fist raised above his head
  • One woman wearing an open shirt, shorts and boots; she is looking to the left and holding her shirt
    One lady wearing a short sleeved top with a skirt; she is standing with both arms extended above her head, cheering on the concert
  • One gentleman wearing a buttoned-up shirt; he is carrying a fan on his shoulders with an arm extended
  • One woman wearing a short sleeved top; she is sitting on a man's shoulders with both arms raised
  • One man wearing a shirt; he is leaning to the left as he waves his arms to the music

Put life into your model landscape with NOCH figure-sets! Each set contains several attractive hand-painted figures imitating a specific theme or activity. Packed in a shock-and shatter proof plastic box.