Road Maintenance Workers & Tools (6) View larger

Road Maintenance Workers & Tools (6)


Scale: HO 1:87 (OO gauge compatible)

Road Maintenance Workers & Tools (6)

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ScaleHO 1:87 (OO gauge compatible)

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Road Maintenance Workers & Tools (6)

Set includes:

Six men

  • One man wearing an open blazer and v-neck shirt; he is standing with his hands in his pockets
  • One worker wearing a hard hat, open jacket, collared shirt and wellington boots; he is looking down at some paperwork while pointing to the side
  • One gentleman wearing an open jacket and shirt; he is drinking from a water bottle while holding a pickaxe by his side
  • One man is wearing an open vest, hard hat and gloves; he is looking down while working a power drill
  • One worker is wearing a hard hat, closed jacket and shirt; he has one foot on a shovel and a hand on his hip as he looks to the right
  • One man is wearing a shirt; he is swinging a pickaxe and his knees are slightly bent
    Maintenance goods and tools