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LED Yellow 3mm (Pack of 5) 12v View larger

LED Yellow 3mm (Pack of 5) 12v


LED Yellow 3mm (Pack of 5) 12v

Pack of 5 light emitting diodes. Use with GM76 resistors

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LED Yellow 3mm (Pack of 5) 12v

Pack of 5 light emitting diodes. Use with GM76 resistors

So, you have a a very detailed layout with fantastic scenery, realistic buildings, superbly authentic trackwork, locomotives and rolling stock. You have added the extra dimension of sound or smoke effects to some of your locomotives too. So what’s left to further enhance your layout? Well, maybe you have considered adding lighting to your layout, tempted by the further dimension and atmosphere that it can add to all, including the best of, layouts. As well as lights in your buildings and in your locomotives and rolling stock, there are lights to be found all around the railway infrastructure. If you are comfortable with dealing with model railway electrics, you can get the extra buzz (oops, sorry about the pun!) by installing lights yourself using miniature LEDs such as these from Gaugemaster, rather than buying lighting kits. The advantage of LEDs versus miniature grain-of-wheat bulbs is that they do not generate heat, so an be used safely near plastic or card, and consume much less power. But, if you power them via a 12volt supply, you must use a suitable resistor to avoid damaging the LED. Suitable resistors are GM76. Also, if your supply is DC rather than AC, you will need to connect the LED the correct way around other wise it will not illuminate! The LEDs in this pack will give you a Yellow light and could be used in scratch-built OO gauge colour light signals.