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PL-10 Wiring Harness


PL-10 Wiring Harness

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PL-10 Wiring Harness

You may have considered converting all your points to electric operation to enjoy the convenience that this will bring to your layout operations. No more ‘big hand in the sky’ when you want to change the route of a train. But, you may be concerned that you don’t possess the skills necessary to wire up point motors or other electrically powered accessories, especially if soldering is involved. Well, Peco have come to the rescue with this wiring harness that is designed especially for the Peco PL-10 series of point motors. The wires are colour-coded and are terminated at one end with ‘spade’ connectors that simply slide over the relevant contacts on the point motor itself. If you are also using the Peco PL-26 switches in a PL-50/PL-51 module, the other end of the wires are simply pushed into the relevant holes on the PL50/PL51 modules. There will no doubt be some points that require longer wires. If so PL38R, PL38G and PL-38BK would be ideal and connecting blocks (A23020 3amp 12-way Connecting blocks – pack of 5) will enable you to complete the job end-to-end with NO SOLDERING required. Having a wire stripper (79920 Professional Rapid Cable Stripper) will help to speed up the job too!