Power feed joiners - Code 70/75/83 (x 4 pairs)


Scale: OO (1/76)

Pack of 8 (4 pairs) pre-wired power feed joiners (Code 70/75/83), 4 red and 4 black.

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ScaleOO (1/76)

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Pack of 8 (4 pairs) pre-wired power feed joiners (Code 70/75/83), 4 red and 4 black.

These new Power Feed Joiners will help address the worries of soldering that many modellers' have: they're the safe, clean and tidy way of bringing power to the track.

Supplied in packs of four pairs, each joiner has a short length of wire securely pre-soldered to it. The modeller just has to substitute the standard metal joiners for a pair of these where the power feed is required, and pass the wires down through pre-drilled holes in the baseboard. With approximately 8 inches (204mm) of wire on each one there should be plenty of length available to go through most baseboards.

In turn these wires can be connected to longer runs of wiring under the baseboard and be taken back to the outlet terminals of the transformer.

These new Power Feed Joiners will also save time and help avoid accidental heat damage to the trackwork when using a soldering iron.