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4mm Glass fibre pencil


Scale: Suitable for several scales

Glass fibre pencil

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ScaleSuitable for several scales

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Glass fibre pencil

This tool provides a means of fast cleaning small areas.

It can be used for cleaning and burnishing metal, for example, wheel treads where grime or corrosion has built up.

It can also be used for paint removal when use of a paint stripper is not possible.

Bear in mind though, that it will mark plastic very easily, so when removing paint from plastic great care is required. The cleaning is performed by the minute glass-fibres at the ‘business end’ of the tool.

These glass fibres are very harmful to your skin, so keep fingers well away from them.

It is also recommended to wear a face mask in order to avoid breathing in any dangerous glass-fibre particles.

The diameter of the cleaning surface is 2mm. Glass fibre refills are available, ref. number GM636. There is also a smaller (2mm) version available re.GM635.