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Large market town backscene


Scale: Suitable for several scales

Large market town backscene - Large

228 x 736mm / 9 x 29in

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ScaleSuitable for several scales

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Whatever standard your modelling skills are, the realism of your model railway can be completely shattered by the absence of a suitable back-scene that completes the ‘picture’. Without one, the illusion is spoilt by the presence of whatever is in the background as you admire your model railway. You can create your own, of course, but there are many and varied products available to provide a quick solution. Whilst it is obvious that you should select one that has the appropriate scene for the context of your model railway (rural, industrial, coastal etc.), it is also necessary to choose one that blends in with the level of realism of your layout. For example, if your layout is an impression of a place, rather than a super-detailed replica, it may be better to avoid a super-realistic photo back-scene as this may draw the viewers’ attention away from the layout itself, Conversely, if you have the skills to produce a super-detailed three-dimensional ‘photo-like’ layout, it makes sense to make the back-scene as realistic as possible too. This product from Peco gives an impression of a large market town. The back-scene measures 228mm x 737mm (9” x 29”).

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