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Weathering liquid dirty yellow


Scale: None

Weathering Liquid – 18ml Plastic Pot

Does not cover dark surfaces

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Weathering Liquid – 18ml Plastic Pot

Does not cover dark surfaces

Translucent Weathering Liquid – not very visible on dark surfaces

  • Colour:Very light dirty yellow colour, the colour of nicotine stain.
  • Works well on its own for very light shading, but is also really effective when mixed with the other colours to create different shades.
  • Very light shade, not concentrated. High translucency.
  • Very solubility in water. Easier to wipe and smudge.
  • Apply neat, straight from the pot using a paint brush or air brush spray.
  • Thin with water or Modelmates Translucent thinning liquid.
  • Apply to a non-porous surface such as plastic, let dry, and then wipe using a damp cotton bud or tissue (kitchen roll), to create great weathered effects. (Dye will permanently stain porous surfaces).
  • Can be made permanent by sealing with a fine acrylic fixative spray. Apply fine, mist coats so as not to dissolve the dye.
  • Mixes with all other translucent weathering liquids.
  • Contains no acrylic.