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N Gauge Wheel Cleaner


Scale: Suitable for several scales

N Gauge Wheel Cleaner

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ScaleSuitable for several scales

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N Gauge Wheel Cleaner

There are 2 factors that help your locomotives to run reliably, clean track and clean wheels. The locomotive wheels are fitted with pick ups and the power goes from the track into the wheels and then via the pickups to the locomotive’s motor, or, in the case of DCC setups, the locomotive’s decoder. If there is dirt on the track, the wheels or the pickups, then your locomotive will not run reliably.

For N-gauge models, a simple and effective way to clean your locomotives wheels is to use this wheel cleaner. The crocodile clips are used to connect the device to your track or power controller.

The wheel cleaner itself has 2 sponge-like strips (referred to as pads) that are correctly spaced apart to match the width of N Gauge wheels. To perform the cleaining operation, set your controller to run the locomotive at a medium speed.

The locomotive is then placed on the pads of the wheel cleaner. Power is picked up and the wheels rotate against the pads, thus cleaning the wheel treads and flanges of all the driven wheels in one go.. Replacement pads are available (GM49) to ensure that your wheel cleaning device continues to provide effective cleaning.