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Track Cleaning Pads. Axle Hung Pack of 3. OO View larger

Track Cleaning Pads. Axle Hung Pack of 3. OO


Track Cleaning Pads. Axle Hung Pack of 3

OO/HO. These axle hung cleaning pads kiss the rails as they traverse your railway, picking up any dust that is on the track. When used with the high frequency track cleaners and track rubber, you give yourself the best chance in the fight against dirty track.

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Track Cleaning Pads. Axle Hung Pack of 3. OO

One way to ensure the enjoyment of operating your model railway is to keep your track as clean as possible.

This will minimise the risk of interrupted operation arising from dirt on the track. Reliable running means less frustration and more enjoyment!

For effortless cleaning of your track during your operating sessions, you can use these axle-mounted cleaning pads. One or two of these placed in suitable trains that are in regular service on your layout can reduce or even eliminate the need for dedicated track cleaning sessions!

You could have 2 in a train; the leading one slightly moistened with track cleaning solution (ref. WTT4554) and the ‘trailing’ one left dry to mop up any excess solution.

There are 3 in a pack. Also available; WTT4571 Dust Monkeys (OO/HO)