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Loco lift


Scale: Suitable for several scales

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ScaleSuitable for several scales

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Loco lift

With the increase in the level and finesse of detail in recent models, they have become more prone to accidental damage when being handled. This is a problem when you have a fiddle yard on your layout, and you need to frequently handle your locomotives in order to remove them from a train and place at the other end of that train.

One simple and effective solution is this loco lift from Peco. With this device, your locomotives can be lifted up securely, gently, thus reducing the risk of damage.

When the unit is placed on the track, the inner ‘rails’ are powered from the track and the locomotive can be driven into it. If necessary, it can be left on the track until needed and the whole trains can be driven through it.

It is also designed to provide storage and multiple units can be stacked without damage to any locomotives in them.

Please note that this device comes as a kit of 6 parts and requires assamling. This is and easy task.

The loco lift is 305mm in length and will accommodate most locomotives. It is 61mm wide and 73mm high.