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Waiting Passengers (6)


Scale: HO 1:87 (OO gauge compatible)

Waiting Passengers (6)

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ScaleHO 1:87 (OO gauge compatible)

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Waiting Passengers (6)

Set includes:

Two women
Four men

  • One lady wearing an open blazer, collared shirt and skirt; she is standing and waiting with a hand in her pocket while carrying a handbag and standing next to her suitcase
  • One gentleman wearing an open long coat, suit, tie and hat; he is walking while carrying his luggage
  • One man wearing a closed, buttoned-up coat, tie and shirt; he is waiting with a hand in his pocket and carrying his bags
  • One man wearing a closed blazer and shirt; he is walking and carrying two bags
  • One gentleman wearing a closed, long coat, shirt and tie; he is standing with a hand in his pocket and holding a suitcase
  • One woman wearing a closed long coat; she is standing while holding two bags on either side of her