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Spring Green Lichen View larger

Spring Green Lichen

Woodland scenics

Spring Green Lichen - Small Bag - 86.6 in³ (1.41 dm³)

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Spring Green Lichen - Small Bag - 86.6 in³ (1.41 dm³)

WL161 Spring Green lichen

Almost every model railway has areas that represent natural vegetation. There are many products to help you create natural vegetation of all descriptions, be it wild and unkempt or managed and landscaped.

The colour of the vegetation can also be chosen in order to suggest the time of year that you layout is portraying. One way to represent bushes is to use lichen. This one is from the range by Woodland Scenics and is spring green in colour.

It can be fixed in place with WS191 Scenic cement, dilute PVA or even matt varnish.  

Comes in a small Bag - 86.6 in³ (1.41 dm³)

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