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Bolt Action Starter Army - Soviet

Warlord Games

Bolt Action Points Values

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£ 90.00

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Bolt Action Points Values


First Lieutenant& one extra rifleman85

Medic& one extra rifleman (regular)85

Infantry Squad (11) 3 SMG, LMG139

Infantry Squad (11) 3 SMG, LMG139

Infantry Squad (11) 3 SMG, LMG139

Infantry Squad (11) 3 SMG, LMG139

Inexperienced Infantry Squad (11) NCO SMG, LMG0

82mm Medium Mortar Team50

Anti-tank Rifle Team30

T34/85 Medium Tank (regular)235


This army deal is made up of the following:

1x plastic T34/85 medium tank

1x Soviet 82mm mortar team

1x metal Soviet officer(random selection)

1x metal Medic

8 plastic Soviet body sprues

5 plastic Soviet weapon sprues

Please be aware that models and poses may vary from those shown in the picture.

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Paints and glue not included. Contents may vary from those shown.